Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I have done some further work this week but my ankle has started really hurting. This is due to the Statute of Recovery that requires each new stage of rehabilitation (from hopping with crutches to walking with them to walking with them but in normal shoes rather than a moonboot to walking with only one crutch to walking with a limp) is another start at zero. I need to walk but not so much as to  cause the swelling in my ankle that contributes most of the pain. This means that the nights I would have spent sliding the stylus o'er the surface of the Cintiq have for this week been spent in stretching and standing exercises and a lot of foot in bucket o' ice water. Just sitting at a desk at the end of the day starts hurting almost as much as it did when I had the cast on. This is already improving but it is also slow. My physio is very happy with my progress but I wish I could channel my own impatience with it into drawing.  Sigh... 't'will happen.


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